How much are tickets?
Tickets for evening sessions are £13 per person, and tickets for afternoon sessions are £5.50 per person (this includes a 50p booking fee).

Where can I buy a ticket?
Tickets can be purchased here

What times are the sessions?
Friday 4pm – 1am (evening)
Saturday 1pm – 5pm (afternoon)
Saturday 6pm – 1am (evening)
Sunday 1pm – 5pm (afternoon)
Sunday 6pm – 12am (evening)

Does my ticket get me into multiple sessions?
No, tickets can only be used for one session.

What bars will be there?
There will a host of bars from existing Cambridge cocktail bars, local spirit & liqueur producers and some well-known premium national brands. A full list of the bars can be found here

What cocktails will be there?
There will be a huge selection of cocktails, many of which will be new creations and exciting twists on classics. A concise menu of all drinks on offer will be available to collect upon entry.

What music will there be?
Information on the live bands performing can be found here

What time does the music start?
Music begins around 10pm each evening

When will the WFA flair competition be held?
The competition will take place between 7pm – 9.30pm each evening.

Is there food?
Yes, there is food from local street food establishments Nanna Mexico and Warm & Toastie (

How do we get there, and is there parking?
The event is held in Cambridge Corn Exchange. Directions and information on parkling can be found here

Is there disabled access?
Yes (

How much will drinks cost?
Each bar will have one specially selected cocktail on offer for £5, all other cocktails will be priced accordingly.

Are there alcoholic drinks other than cocktails?
No, this event focusses only on cocktails.

Is there water provided?
Yes, there will be free tap water.

Is there seating?
Yes there will be seating, but it is not available for reservation.

Will tickets be available on the door?
There will be only a few tickets available on the door. We highly advise booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

Can I bring my children/teenagers to the event? 
This event is over 18s only.

What else is happening at the event?
During the daytime sessions many of the bars are offering free talks, workshops and activities. Please see the programme section of our website for more information.

What is the WFA  Grand Slam World cocktail competition?
The World Flair Association (WFA) holds the annual World flair bartending competition (think Tom Cruise in Cocktail, but far more skilled) in which the world’s best flair bartenders showcase their skills, all competing for 1st place and to be crowned World Champion. There are only a handful of Grand Slams across the World each year (like Formula One Grand Prix) in which competitors gain points to ultimately be crowned Word Champion. This is the first time a Grand Slam has been held in Cambridge.

The Competition will be held from around 7pm to 9pm each night with two heats on the Friday and Saturday night and the final on Sunday.


Expect some extraordinary bartending set against high-energy soundtracks. There is no additional charge for watching the event as it is included in your entry ticket price.

For more info on the WFA visit

Are there group discounts? 

Yes, for group of ten or more you can claim a discount of 25% for your party. Contact us at to find out more.